Our Team

Chapter Head - Helen Li

Hi there, nice to meet you! I am currently a senior in high school with an interest in math and computer science, and I am so happy to be a part of the global INTEGIRLS community! In my free time, I love reading outside, taking walks, and trying new things :)

Feel free to reach out @helen._li on Instagram!


RiA Garg

Hi! My name is Ria and I am one of the junior coordinators. I really enjoy computer science and math and am really excited to spread this passion with inteGIRLS! In my free time, I love playing the viola, going on walks, and gardening!

Emily Yao

Hello :) my name is Emily and I am a junior at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science. I really enjoy math and am so excited to work with inteGIRLS! My hobbies include painting and crocheting!

Saisneha Ghatti

Hey! My name is Saisneha and I am junior at the Texas Academy of Math and Science. I love math and computer programming and I can't wait to work with inteGIRLS! I also love to sing and play chess.